About Wendy 




 I'm an artist and designer residing in Salem, Oregon. I paint and sell original art work and specialize in murals.  Working predominately with acrylic paints, glazes and texture mediums. I favor the subject matter of romance and beauty in figures, still-life and landscape. This is influenced by my love of the northwest.  My goal is to achieve a “mood” in my work, but I  also want to draw people in to examine the process…wondering what technique and materials I used to achieve that effect.  

 It was a mural that I painted above my daughter’s crib that made painting a career for me. Friends and family loved it and encouraged me along. Over the past 30 years I've been lucky enough to work alongside my sister, brother, best friends and even my kids! I'm so lucky to have a job I passionately love! 

I sell my work on-line and paint commissioned art as well. My work now adorns many residential and commercial buildings in the States, Hawaiian Islands and Mexico.


My Art